Capitol Phis

Over the years, Phi Delts have played an integral role in the shaping of our democracy through their service at all levels of government from state houses to the United States Congress and, yes, even the presidency.

Below is just a partial list of prominent Phi Delts who have made an impact in and around our Nation’s Capital.


President Benjamin Harrison, Miami-OhioBenjamin Harrison, Miami (Ohio)
23rd President of the United States (1889-93)
United States Senator (Indiana, 1881–87)
Brevet Brigadier General, United States Army (1862–65)

Adlai E. Stevenson, Centre
Vice President of the United States (1893-97)
U.S. House of Representatives (Illinois 1875–77, 1879–81)

J. David Almacy, Widener
White House Internet Director (George W. Bush 2005-07)
U.S. Department of Education (2002-05)

James A. Baker III, Texas-Austin
Co-Chairman, Iraq Study Group (2006)
Special Presidential Envoy on Iraqi Debt (George W. Bush 2003-04)
Personal Envoy of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Western Sahara (1997-2004)
White House Chief of Staff (George H.W. Bush 1992-93)
Secretary of State (George H.W. Bush 1989-92)
Secretary of Treasury (Reagan 1985-88)
White House Chief of Staff (Reagan 1981-85)

Howard H. “Bo” Callaway, Sr., Georgia Tech
United States Secretary of the Army (1973–75)
U.S. House of Representatives (Georgia, 1965–67)

Benjamin Chan, Texas-Austin
U.S. Department of Agriculture (Obama 2015-Present)
White House Office of Management and Budget (George W. Bush, Obama)

Peter R. Coneway, Texas-Austin
U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein (2006-08)

Gen. J.R. “Jack” Dailey, UCLA
Four Star General and pilot, U.S. Marine Corps Retired
Director, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (2000-present)
Associate Deputy Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1992-99)
Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (1990-92)

John Dorff, Texas Tech
White House Office of Management and Administration (George W. Bush 2006-09)
U.S. Department of Agriculture (2003-06)
U.S. Department of Education (2001-03)

Terry Dornbush, Vanderbilt
U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands (1994-98)

John Foster, Indiana
U.S. Secretary of State (Benjamin Harrison, 1892-93)

Wyche Fowler, Davidson
U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1997-2001)
U.S. Senator (Georgia, 1977-95)

Harold L. Ickes, Chicago
U.S. Secretary of the Interior (Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1946)

Chris Henick, Mississippi
White House Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Senior Advisor (2001–2002 George W. Bush)
Deputy Director of Strategy, Bush-Cheney 2000
Executive Director, Republican Governors Association (1991-1995)

David Hinson, Washington
Chairman, Federal Aviation Administration (1993-96)

Allan Hubbard, Vanderbilt
Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council (George W. Bush 2005-2007)
Deputy Chief of Staff, Vice President Dan Quayle (1990-92)
Executive Director of the President’s Council on Competitiveness (George H.W. Bush 1990)

William A. Irvine, Allegheny
U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors (1975-77)

Adam S. Johnson, Portland State
U.S. Department of State, International Visitor Leadership Program Officer (Obama 2011-2014)

Anthony Juarez, University of La Verne
U.S. Department of Justice, Public Affairs (Obama 2014-17)

Trevor Kincaid, Florida State
Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public & Media Affairs (Obama 2014-17)
Executive Office of the President, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Robert S. Klause, Widener
White House Web Manager (Obama 2008-10, George W. Bush 2006-07)
Executive Office of the President

J. Douglas McKay, Oregon State
Secretary of Interior (1952-56)
Governor of Oregon (1949-52)

Duke McLarty, Missouri State
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Senior Policy Advisor to the FHA Commissioner (2013–17)
Office of the HUD Secretary, Director of Scheduling and Advance (2010–2013)
Advance Associate, The White House (Obama 2009–2010)

Robert Patterson, Union
United States Secretary of War (1945–47)
Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (1939–40)
Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (1930–39)

Robert Porter Patterson, Union
Secretary of War (1945-47)
Distinguished Service Cross

Araz Pourmorad, USC
U.S. Department of State, Protocol Officer (Obama 2013-17)
White House Deputy Director of Operations & Continuity (Obama 2009-2013)

Amb. Geoffrey Pyatt, California-Irvine
United States Ambassador to Greece (2016-present)
United States Ambassador to Ukraine (2013-16)
Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the United States of America, New Delhi, India (2006-13)

Alexander Ramsey, Lafayette
United States Secretary of War (1879–81)
U.S. Senator (Minnesota, 1863–75)
2nd Governor of Minnesota (1860–63)
1st Governor of Minnesota Territory (1849–53)
U.S. House of Representatives (Pennsylvania, 1843–47)

Mercer Reynolds, III, North Carolina
Co-Chair, Presidential Inaugural Committee (2001, 2005)
National Finance Chairman, Bush-Cheney 2004
U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein (2001-03)

J. Thomas Schieffer, Texas-Austin
U.S. Ambassador to Japan (2005-09)
U.S. Ambassador to Australia (2001-05)
Texas House of Representatives (1972-78)

Clay Sell, Texas Tech
U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary (2005-08)

Scott Stanzel, Iowa State
White House Deputy Press Secretary (George W. Bush 2006-09)
White House Spokesman, Office of Media Affairs (George W. Bush 2001-03)

Robert Sumner, Willamette
Press Specialist, Office of the United States Trade Representative (George W. Bush 2007-09)

Tracy Terrill, Sonoma State
Chief Digital Officer, Small Business Administration (Obama 2015-17)

Ronald H. Walker, Arizona
Director, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior (1973-75)
Director, First White House Office of Presidential Advance (Nixon, 1969-73)
Captain, U.S. Army (1960–64)

Lawrence Warder, Akron
Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Department of Education (2006-09)



James McReynolds, Vanderbilt
Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court (1914-41)
U.S. Attorney General (1913–14)
Assistant U.S. Attorney General (1903-07)

Sherman Minton, Centre
Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court (1949-56)
Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (1941–49)
U.S. Senate Majority Whip (1937–41)
U.S. Senator (Indiana, 1935-41)

Fred Vinson, Centre
Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court (1946-53)
Secretary of Treasury (1945-46)
Director of the Office of Economic Stabilization (1943–45)
Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (1937–43)
U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (9th District 1931–33, 8th District 1933–38)

Gary R. Wade, Tennessee
Chief Justice, Tennessee Supreme Court (2012-14)
Tennessee Supreme Court (2006-2015)
Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals (1987, elected 1988, re-elected 1990, 1998 and 2006)
Mayor of Sevierville (1977-87)



Sen. James E. Risch, Idaho
U.S. Senate (Idaho, 2009-present)
Governor of Idaho (2006-2007)
Lt. Governor of Idaho (2003-2006, 2007-2008)

Brock Adams, Washington
U.S. Senate (Washington, 1987-93)
Secretary of Transportation (1977-79)
U.S. House of Representatives (Washington, 1965-77)

John Allen, Wabash
U.S. Senate (Washington, 1889-93)
Delegate, U.S. House of Representatives (Washington Territory’s At-Large District, March–November 1889)

James Broyhill, North Carolina
U.S. Senate (North Carolina, appointed 1986)
U.S. House of Representatives (North Carolina, 1963-86)

Harry Cain, Sewanee
U.S. Senate (Washington, 1946-53)

Tom Connally, Texas
U.S. Senate (Texas, 1929-53)
U.S. House of Representatives (Texas, 1917–1929)
Texas House of Representatives (District 69, 1903–1905)
Texas House of Representatives (District 72, 1901–1903)

Harry Darby, Illinois
U.S. Senate (Kansas, 1949-50)

Dennis DiConcini, Arizona
U.S. Senate (Arizona, 1977-95)

Duncan Fletcher, Vanderbilt
U.S. Senate (Florida, 1909-36)
Mayor of Jacksonville (1893–95, 1901–03)

J. Bennett Johnston, Washington & Lee
U.S. Senate (Louisiana, 1972-97)
Louisiana State Senator (1968–72)
Louisiana State Representative (1964–68)

Eugene Millikin, Colorado
U.S. Senate (Colorado, 1941-57)
Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance (1947-49, 1953–55)
Chairman, Republican Senate Conference (1947–57)

Sam Nunn, Georgia Tech
U.S. Senate (Georgia, 1972-97)

Arthur R. Robinson, Chicago
U.S. Senate (Indiana, 1925–35)
Indiana Senate (1914-18)

Elbert D. Thomas, Utah
U.S. Senate (Utah, 1933-51)

Elmer Thomas, DePauw
U.S. Senate (Oklahoma, 1927-51)
U.S. House of Representatives (Oklahoma, 1923–27)
Oklahoma Senate (1907–20)

William Freeman Vilas, Wisconsin
U.S. Senate (Wisconsin, 1891-97)
United States Postmaster General (1885–88)
U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1888–89)
Wisconsin State Assembly (1885)

Xenophon Pierce Wilfley, Washington
U.S. Senate (Missouri, 1918)

Raymond E. Willis, Wabash
U.S. Senate (Indiana, 1941-47)
Indiana House of Representatives (1919–21)


Rep. Jodey Arrington, Texas Tech
U.S. House of Representatives, Texas-19th District (2017-Present)
Deputy, Office of the Federal Coordinator for Gulf Coast Rebuilding
Chief of Staff, FDIC
Special Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Presidential Personnel (George W. Bush, 2000-01)
Appointments Manager, Gov. George W. Bush (1996-2000)

Rep. Bradley Byrne, Duke
U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama-1st District (2013-Present)
Alabama State Senate (District 32, 2003-07)
Alabama State Board of Education (1994-2002)

Rep. Jared Huffman, UC Santa Barbara
U.S. House of Representatives, California-2nd District (2013-present)
California State Assembly, (D-6th District, 2006-12)

Rep. Luke Messer, Wabash
U.S. House of Representatives, Indiana-6th District (2013-present)
Indiana General Assembly, (R-Shelby, Bartholomew counties, 2003-06)

Rep. David Rouzer, North Carolina State University
U.S. House of Representatives, North Carolina-7th District (2015-present)
North Carolina General Assembly, Senate (R-District 12, 2009-2012)

William Bankhead, Alabama
U.S. House of Representatives (Alabama, 1917-40)
Speaker of the House (1934-40)

D. Douglas Barnard, Mercer
U.S. House of Representatives (Georgia, 1977-93)

Berkley Bedell, Iowa State
U.S. House of Representatives (Iowa, 1975-87)

Chris Bell, Texas-Austin
U.S. House of Representatives (Texas, 2002-04)

Barber Conable, Cornell
U.S. House of Representatives (New York, 1965-85)

Jim Courter, Colgate
U.S. House of Representatives (New Jersey, 1979-91)

John C. Fleming, Mississippi
U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana-4th District (2009-17)

Joel Hefley, Oklahoma State
U.S. House of Representatives (Colorado, 1987-2007)

Frank Kratovil, Western Maryland
U.S. House of Representatives (Maryland, 2008-10)

James McNulty, Arizona
U.S. House of Representatives (Arizona, 1983-85)

Walter Minnick, Whitman College
U.S. House of Representatives (Idaho, 2009-11)

Jim Ramstad, Minnesota
U.S. House of Representatives (Minnesota, 1991-2008)

Paul G. Rogers, Florida
U.S. House of Representatives (Florida, 1955-79)

Max Sandlin, Baylor
U.S. House of Representatives (Texas, 1996-2004)

Jim Slattery, Washburn
U.S. House of Representatives (Kansas, 1983-95)


Lt. Governor Brad Little, Idaho
Lt. Governor of Idaho (2009-present)
Idaho Senate (District 11, 2002–09)
Idaho Senate (District 8, 2001–02)

Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley, North Dakota
Lt. Governor of North Dakota (2010-present)
North Dakota, United States Attorney (2001-2009)

Neil Abercrombie, Union College
Governor of Hawaii (2010-2014)
U.S. House of Representatives (Hawaii, 1986-87, 1991-2010)

Forrest Anderson, Montana
Governor of Montana (1969-73)

Jerry Apodaca, New Mexico
Governor of New Mexico (1975-79)

Roger Branigin, Franklin
Governor of Indiana (1941-47)

John Y. Brown, Kentucky
Governor of Kentucky (1979-83)

George Busbee, Georgia
Governor of Georgia (1975-83)

Prentice Cooper, Vanderbilt
Governor of Tennessee (1939-45)

Jon Corzine, Illinois
Governor of New Jersey (2006-09)
U.S. Senate (New Jersey, 2001-06)

Jim Edgar, Wabash
Governor of Illinois (1991-99)

William Ellerbe, Wofford
Governor of South Carolina (1897-99)

Samuel Elrod, DePauw
Governor of South Dakota (1905-07)

Joseph Ely, Williams
Governor of Massachusetts (1931-35)

Norman Erbe, Iowa
Governor of Iowa (1961-63)

W. Booth Gardner, Washington
Governor of Washington (1985-92)

Thomas W. Hardwick, Mercer
Governor of Georgia (1921-23)
U.S. Senate (Georgia, 1914-18)
U.S. House of Representatives (Georgia, 1903-14)

Warren Hearnes, Missouri
Governor of Missouri (1965-73)

James E. Holshouser, Jr., Davidson
Governor of North Carolina (1973-77)
North Carolina House of Representatives (1963–1973)
Chairman, North Carolina Republican Party (1966–1972)

Herman Kump, Virginia
Governor of West Virginia (1933-37)

Hill McAlister, Vanderbilt
Governor of Tennessee (1933-37)

Tom McCall, Oregon
Governor of Oregon (1967-75)
Secretary of State of Oregon (1965-67)

Arthur Mellette, Indiana
1st Governor of South Dakota (1889-93)
Governor of Dakota Territory (March–November 1889)

John Morrison, Lafayette
Governor of Idaho (1903-05)

Ragnvald Nestos, North Dakota
Governor of North Dakota (1921-25)

Malcolm R. Patterson, Vanderbilt
Governor of Tennessee (1907–11)
U.S. House of Representatives (Tennessee, 1901–06)

Hulett Smith, Pennsylvania
Governor of West Virginia (1965-69)

Ernest Vandiver, Georgia
Governor of Georgia (1959-63)

Mark White, Baylor
Governor of Texas (1983-87)

William Winter, Mississippi
Governor of Mississippi (1980-84)

Drew Wrigley, North Dakota
Lt. Governor of North Dakota (2010-16)
U.S. District Attorney for North Dakota (2001-09)

C.C. Young, California-Berkeley
Governor of California (1927-30)
Lt. Governor of California (1918-26)
California State Assembly (1908-1918), Speaker (1913)


Vermont House Speaker Shap Smith, Vermont
Candidate, Vermont Lt. Governor
Speaker, Vermont House of Representatives (2009-present)
Vermont House of Representatives (Lamoille-Washington 1st District, 2003-present)

J. Hyatt Brown, Florida
Speaker, Florida House of Representatives (1978–80)
Florida House of Representatives (District 31, 1972–80)

Alan Glover, Nevada-Reno
Carson City Clerk-Recorder (1985-2014)
Nevada Senate (1982-85)
Nevada Assembly (1972-82)

Ralph Haben, Florida
Speaker, Florida House of Representatives (1980–82)
Florida House of Representatives (1972–82)

Adam Hasner, Maryland
Majority Leader, Florida House of Representatives (R-District 87, 2002-2010)
Former candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, FL-22 (2012)

H. Russell Potts, Jr., Maryland
Virginia General Assembly, Senate (R-District 27, 1992-2008)

John G. Richardson, Maryland
Commissioner, Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (2007–09)
97th Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives (2004–06)
Maine House Majority Leader (2002–04)
Member, Maine House of Representatives, 49th & 63rd districts (1998–06)

William Henry Vernon, Georgia Tech
Delaware House of Representatives (1977-1981)
Bill also served in the U.S. Coast Guard, including a tour in Vietnam.

William H. Waste, California-Berkeley
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of California (1926-40)
Associate Justice, Supreme Court of California (1921-26)
California Assembly (1902-05)


Lt. Gen. Charles G. Cooper, Mississippi
Commanding General, Pacific Fleet USMC Ret.’85

Rear Admiral Thomas J. Eccles, MIT
Chief Engineer and Deputy Commander for Naval Systems Engineering,
Naval Sea Systems Command, USN

Major General Frederick N. Funston, Kansas
Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, USA

Major General Leonard D. Heaton, Denison
U.S. Surgeon General (1959-69), USA Ret.’69
Commanding General, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (1953-59)

General Charles Horner, Iowa
Commander, Aerospace Defense, USAF Ret.’94

General John E. Hull, Miami (Ohio)
Commander-in-Chief, United Nations Forces (1953-55), USA Ret.’55;
U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff (1951-53)

Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., Mississippi
Commander of Air Forces, World War II, USN
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations-Air (1943)
Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, 2 Gold Stars
Father of Admiral John McCain, Jr., Grandfather of U.S. Senator John McCain (Arizona)
USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) commissioned in July 1994

General Thomas S. Moorman, Jr., Dartmouth
Vice Chief of Staff, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. USAF Ret.’97
Commander, Air Force Space Command (1990-92)

General Bernard W. Rogers, Kansas
Supreme Allied Commander, NATO (1979), USA Ret.’87
U.S. Army Chief of Staff (1976-79)

Lt. Gen. DeWitt C. Smith, Maryland
Commandant, Army War College (1977), USA Ret.’63


Chuck Conconi, Kent State
Former Editor-at-Large, Washingtonian Magazine

John M. Couric, Jr., Mercer
Noted journalist and VP Public Relations, National Association of Broadcasters
Phi Delta Theta Georgia Alumni Hall of Fame, 2017 Gamma Class
Father of broadcaster Katie Couric

Griff Jenkins, Mississippi
Washington-based correspondent, Fox News Channel

Bob Schieffer, Texas Christian
CBS Evening News Anchor & Host of Face the Nation

Rich Zeoli, Maryland
WPHT 1210 Talk Radio host, CBS Philadelphia


Erich Kunzel, Dartmouth
Cincinnati Pops conductor (1977-2009)
2006 National Medal of Arts Recipient
Conducted National Symphony at U.S. Capitol for PBS-TV’s nationally televised Memorial Day and Fourth of July concerts (1991-2009)


Ralph Friedgen, Maryland
Offensive Coordinator, Rutgers University, 2014-2015
Head Football Coach, University of Maryland, 2001-10
National Coach of the Year, 2001
Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year, 2001, 2010

Tommy Mont, Maryland
Quarterback, Washington Redskins (NFL), 1947-50
Head Football Coach, University of Maryland, 1956-59
Head Football Coach, DePauw University, 1959-77
Maryland Sports Hall of Fame, 1973

Nick Novak, Maryland
Kicker, Houston Texans (NFL), 2015-present
San Diego Chargers (NFL), 2011-14
Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), 2008
Arizona Cardinals (NFL), 2005
Washington Redskins (NFL), 2005, 2006

Gary Williams, Maryland
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, 2014
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, 2014
Head Coach, University of Maryland Men’s Basketball, 1989-2011
NCAA Final Four, National Champions, 2001-02
Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year, 2002, 2010

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., Virginia
Founder, Owner and President, NFL’s Buffalo Bills, 1960-2014
One of the founding owners of the American Football League
Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2009


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