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Phi Delt Bowling Night

The members of the DC Alpha Colony of Phi Delta Theta at George Washington University are celebrating the end of their first semester by hosting a “Phi Delt Bowling Night” at Fort Myer (Arlington, VA) on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Phi Delt Bowling NightThe event is a perfect opportunity for the colony and potential new members to meet and establish strong relationships with the local area Phi Delt alumni community.

WHEREFort Myer Bowling Center
Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall*
Building 411, McNair Road
Arlington, VA 22211

WHO: All area Phi Delts, DC Alpha colony members, GWU students with an interest in joining Phi Delta Theta

WHEN: Friday, April 28, 2017 from 6 PM to 9 PM

RSVP: http://ow.ly/USEY30aziNN

Wear your Greek letters, show your school spirit & bowl for prizes!
Alumni are encouraged to wear their favorite Phi Delta Theta or college/university sweatshirt. Bowlers will compete for prizes based on team scores, individual bests and more! Due to space limitations, the event will have to be capped so please RSVP via Eventbrite by Wednesday, April 19 so we can get an idea as to approximate headcount!

If you have additional questions, please contact Dennis Constanza, Alumni Chairman, DC Alpha Colony of Phi Delta Theta.

*The bowling facility is located at the U.S. Army Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. All confirmed attendees will be provided with a security form which must be filled out and presented at the gate along with a valid U.S. government issued ID in order to gain entry.

Phi Delta Theta Colonizes District of Columbia Alpha at George Washington University

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-6As winter quickly approaches in the nation’s capital and as the fall semester draws to an end, one group of men at the George Washington University have a great reason to celebrate. On Sunday, December 11, 26 men were welcomed into the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as the District of Columbia Alpha Colony.

Colony members and other attendees gathered at the Marvin Center at on December 11 for the official colonization ceremony, led by Province President Scott Lynch (Pittsburgh ‘97). In attendance were Colony Advisory Board (CAB) Chairman Austin DeRay (Mercer ‘10), CAB Financial Advisor Alex Stefanic (Clemson ’11), CAB Education Advisory Tim Alford (Ohio Wesleyan ’14), CAB Academic Advisor Matt Zembrzuski (NC State ’98), CAB Member-at-Large Will Turanchik (Akron ’90), Phi Delta Theta Survey Commissioner and President of the DC Alumni Club David Almacy (Widener ‘92), Faculty Advisor Mike Steele, and several local Phi Delta Theta alumni. You could feel the enthusiasm in the room as everyone welcomed the first Phi Delta Theta colony in Washington, D.C.

The colonization ceremony brings great excitement to Leadership Consultants Alex Atkinson (Missouri Western ’16) and BJ Henderson (Wisconsin ’16) as they worked to recruit and provide organizational assistance to the men of this colony. They have no doubt that the leaders of the colony will guide them to become a leading Greek organization in the near future.

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-8During the ceremony, numerous individuals provided words of encouragement to the colony. David Almacy stated that “you must remain steadfast through it all” when dealing with the good and the bad that comes with being a member of the Fraternity. Colony President Alexander Evers noted that the colony men will now come together through a deeper meaning within the Fraternity. Others who spoke discussed how thrilled and happy they were to have an official Phi Delta Theta colony in the District.

Throughout the recruitment process, the Expansion team searched for individuals who will embrace the Phi Delta Theta values, and they were able to find high caliber men who are leaders at the George Washington University. The group’s members come from different backgrounds and each have varying majors and interests, but they have all come together and are willing to put forth the time and effort to bring Phi Delta Theta to GWU. Additionally, the colony’s members currently have a 3.5 GPA, placing them in competition with fellow Greek organizations.

There were several individuals who provided great assistance during the development of the colony. A special thank you is in order for the Colony Advisory Board, the George Washington University and the alumni in the area who helped developed this group.

December 11, 2016 is a date that every District of Columbia Alpha Colony man will remember as they each begin their journey with Phi Delta Theta. It will also be a date to remember as the Fraternity works to add another chapter to its rich history by officially expanding to the District of Columbia.

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-1Colonization ceremony for the men of the DC Alpha Colony of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity located at
George Washington University in Washington, DC

dc-alpha-colonization-121116Scott Lynch (Pittsburgh ‘97), Delta North Province President, officiates the ceremony along with
Phi Delta Theta Leadership Consultant Alex Atkinson (Missouri Western ’16) and Colony Advisory Board (CAB) Chairman Austin DeRay (Mercer ‘10)

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-4Delta North Province President Scott Lynch invests DC Alpha Colony President Alexander Evers with the Phi Delta Theta colony pin

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-5DC Alpha Colony President Alexander Evers delivers remarks during the ceremony

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-326 Founding Fathers took the fraternity oath in establishing Phi Delta Theta at GWU

dc-alpha-colonization-121116-2Members of the DC Alpha Colony of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Source: https://www.phideltatheta.org/2016/12/phi-delta-theta-colonizes-district-of-columbia-alpha-at-george-washington-university/

Washington, DC Alpha Colonization Ceremony at GWU

GWU statue

All members, guests, family and friends of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity are cordially invited to attend the Colonization Ceremony of Washington, DC Alpha on the campus of George Washington University. Recruitment efforts officially began this fall and we are pleased to be able to take this next important step in the process of establishing a chapter at GWU.

Phi Delt DC GWU DC AlphaThe ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2 PM ET in GWU’s Marvin Center, Room 309. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. Business attire (coat and tie) is requested.

WHERE: Marvin Center, George Washington University
800 21st Street NW, Room 309, Washington, DC
WHO: All area Phi Delts, family, friends, GWU Greek community and guests
WHEN: Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2 PM

Please RSVP via Eventbrite. We expect a large turnout by friends/family of the colony, GWU Greek Life community, local area Phi Delt undergraduates and alumni so we kindly ask that you RSVP by Wednesday, December 7, 2016 so that we can plan accordingly.

If you have questions about the event, please contact GHQ Leadership Consultant BJ Henderson at (262) 930-9679 or send an email to updates@phideltdc.com with subject line “DC Alpha Colony.”

Every Man Should Graduate Early from “The He-Man Woman Haters Club”

By Dr. Sparky Reardon, Ole Miss ’72
(Reprinted with permission from the author)

Since Donald Trump’s remarks surfaced on Friday I have watched with great interest the outrage, the defections and the deflections, the apologies, and the fallout. I have seen that Access Hollywood bus probably a hundred times. I’ve heard Billy Bush’s silly, childish prodding. As David Axelrod said earlier tonight, “This is a profoundly sad time for our country.”

trump-billy-bushI’ve watched the talking heads who have expressed their outrage. I’ve watched the defenders try to change the subject. And time and time again, I’ve heard someone lament having to talk to their daughters about the ugliness and hurtful nature of Trump’s comments. I can’t imagine having a daughter and having to explain to her why a grown man running for the highest office in the land would be so crass.

But what about our sons? I hate it for them also. I hate that they will be painted with the same brush that painted Donald Trump, that painted Billy Bush, and, yes, that probably painted me at one time. Carl Paladino, a Trump supporter and a onetime candidate for governor of New York conceded that Trump’s filthy diatribe was something “that all men do, at least all normal men.”

How sad for our sons that they might feel that they need to try to be “normal” by Paladino’s standard.

I once had a mother call me when I was investigating her son’s fraternity for hazing. It was the usual forced calisthenics, eating putrid food products, paddling, sleep deprivation and humiliation. “I know that you were in a fraternity,” she said, “and you know that boys will be boys.”

I was silent; afraid that I might tell her that she had lost her mind and probably wasn’t fit for parenthood. Instead, I took a deep breath and said, “Ma’am, if you send me a boy and I send you back anything less than a man, I’m just taking your money.” It was her turn to be quiet. She eventually said, “Thank you” and hung up.

There are men the same age as her son was who are working two jobs to support a family, who are busting their tails to get into graduate school, who are spending time serving communities, and who are sleeping in a barracks in a land far away serving in defense of our country. These are men not boys.

Boys will be boys” is a lame excuse. Sure, boys can have fun, but at some point they will cease playing mud football, or endlessly playing video games, or watching “Beavis and Butthead” or “Jackass” reruns or laughing at their persistent flatulence. At some point, they will no longer say, “Hey, bubba, hold my beer. Watch this.” And, at some point they will learn to value, appreciate, and respect women. Everyone should graduate early from the “He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

At some point, well before they are 60 years old as was Donald Trump at the time of his taped interview or before they are 33 as was Billy Bush at the time of the interview, I hope they will not talk about groping women or trying to bed them regardless of any celebrity status that they might achieve.

At some point, I hope that as men, not boys, they will respect and appreciate women not because they are someone’s mother, daughter, sister or wife, but because they are someone.

At some point I hope that they as men will not only not use language like Trump or Bush, but that they will stand up to their friends who insist on doing so. At least, I hope that they will walk away and refuse to listen to it.

I am sad for women and girls. I am sad for our country. But, I am also sad for our sons.

Talk to them and ask them how they feel about Donald Trump’s interview. Use his words. Ask them how they feel when they hear those words. Let them know that that’s not what men, real men, do. Let them know that if they are bothered by Trump’s words, they are “normal.”

Frederick Douglas might have said it best, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Time to start building.


About the Author
Sparky ReardonDr. Thomas J. “Sparky” Reardon is a former Assistant Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students at the University of Mississippi. Now retired after serving the university for 36 years, he retains the title of Dean Emeritus. Brother Reardon is a member of Phi Delta Theta’s General Council and a recipient of the fraternity’s Legion of Honor Award.

Phi Delta Theta is a non-partisan organization. The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of the General Fraternity, its members or affiliated entities. Opposing viewpoints are always welcomed and encouraged.

Join Phi Delt DC in the Walk to Defeat ALS

ALS Walk Phi Delta Theta DC AlumniAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Lou Gehrig was not only a legendary New York Yankee, he was also a Brother in the Bond of Phi Delta Theta.

To honor Brother Gehrig’s memory and to help fight this horrible disease and provide resources to those currently affected by it, the Phi Delta Theta Washington, DC alumni club is forming a team to participate in the annual “Walk to Defeat ALS” consisting of undergraduates, alumni and other supporters.

Here are the details for this year’s event in Washington, DC:

WHERE: Washington Monument Grounds
WHEN: Saturday, October 29, 2016
TIME: 9 AM Registration, 10 AM Walk Begins
DISTANCE: 3 miles

Join the DC Alumni Club team “Phi Delta Theta DC” by visiting:

Whether or not you are able to walk with us, please consider joining our fight. Let’s do it for Brother Lou!

Lou GehrigALS Walk

Phi Delt DC Fantasy Football

phidelt-footballFootball is back! This week, the NFL officially kicks off the 2016-17 season.

Join the Phi Delt DC Fantasy Football league to compete against local Brothers in the Bond. Make your picks and fight for a playoff berth and the ultimate championship in our first annual fantasy challenge. We have space for a total of 12 teams.

LIVE Draft is set for tomorrow Thursday, September 8 at 2 PM ET via Yahoo Fantasy Football.

Register here: http://ow.ly/jKYE303gatg

No wagering… winner earns bragging rights, respect and admiration of all. Good luck!

Phi Delta Theta 2016 Convention


More than 600 Phis and their families joined together for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity’s 81st Biennial General Convention in Savannah, Georgia — one of the most charming cities in the United States. In addition to electing the General Council, delegates debated various issues facing the Greek system and voted on amendments to the Constitution and General Statutes of the Fraternity.

Savannah native Chris Dubberly, Mercer, served as the official representative of the Phi Delt DC Alumni Club. He shared this about his convention experience, “The rich history of Phi Delta Theta is something we have all learned to appreciate and historic downtown Savannah was the ideal backdrop for yet another memorable and successful Convention. It was a distinct honor for me to represent the DC alumni club and help shape the direction of the fraternity’s future — especially in my hometown.”

A special thank you to outgoing General Council President Rich Fabritius, Kent State and all the best to newly elected president Jeff Davis, Southeast Missouri State, and the rest of the current council. #PDTConvention

Phi Delt DC Summer Reception

Phi Delta Theta Summer Reception Washington DC August 2016

On August 10, 2016, approximately 35 Phi Delts gathered for a casual summer reception hosted by local area alumni.  Over two dozen different chapters were represented.

Many thanks to all who attended and special appreciation to the eight Phis from Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania Beta) who hosted the event in their Washington, DC home.

Phi Delta Theta Expands to George Washington University

Washington, DC Alpha Colony Forms Fall 2016

PhiDeltDC-GWUWe are very pleased to announce that following a presentation by GHQ staff and local Phi Delt alumni to the GWU IFC this past April, Phi Delta Theta has been officially selected to expand to the campus of George Washington University.

Although we have local chapters at UMD, McDaniel, Washington College, Johns Hopkins and UVA, this will be the first expansion for Phi Delta Theta in our nation’s capital city.

Recruitment efforts will begin later this Fall after Formal Rush has been completed. If you would like to be involved with the expansion efforts, please register via Phi Delta Theta’s website and indicate your interest in serving on the Washington, DC Alpha Colony Advisory Board.

Phi Delta Theta Heads to Savannah

Phi Delta Theta General Convention Savannah 2016Hundreds of Phis will gather at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, Georgia on Sunday, June 19 through Wednesday, June 22, 2016 for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity’s 81st Biennial General Convention.

The Convention offers a unique opportunity for Phis of all ages from many parts of the world to meet in the true spirit of the Bond. Since 1880, the General Convention has held all supreme and legislative powers of the Fraternity. The Convention has three main responsibilities and powers including:

  • Electing the General Council
  • Consideration of judicial matters
  • Enacting laws for the regulation of the Fraternity, since only the General Convention may amend the Ritual, Constitution, and General Statutes of the Fraternity.

The 2016 Phi Delt Convention, located on the riverfront in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, will offer plenty of entertainment and shopping venues plus events that will allow brothers to reconnect with old acquaintances while connecting for the first time with other “Brothers in the Bond.”

In addition the undergraduates and alumni volunteers, the Washington, DC Alumni Club is eligible to send one voting delegate. If you are interested in representing the club at convention this summer, please send an email to convention@phideltdc.com. It is worth noting that travel expenses and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the delegate.

Here’s the full 2016 Phi Delta Theta Convention schedule. (PDF)

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